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Most of the companies are targeting India for launching the super bikes. Even though it was a failure earlier, the present situation is that the bike manufacturers of Indian companies getting tie-ups with the international brands to launch the bikes of high end in India. But they should be aware that the India consumers are very much conscious about the prices. So they should come up with the reasonable prices to grab the Indian market. Many dealers are waiting for the opportunity to take the dealership for the selling of the super bikes. Though it might be a small number but the 500cc motor cycles has the chances of expanding in the coming years. Suzuki could get GS500, RMZ450, GSR600 and many other models. Suzuki already brought to India few of the legendary models 1300cc which may also hit the market along with 1600cc.

Firstly we should know how a bike gets qualified as a super bike. Far advanced technology with peppered looks, the mind blowing speed of vroom and finally with a heavily loaded price. This is what a biker feels of a super bike. Super bikes have made an entry into the Indian markets of two wheelers. Recently, the Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki are foreseeing the super bikes and many new comers are also targeting India for super bikes. The entry of the super bikes is going to hit the current markets for the existing 2 wheelers in the country and the sales may observe sharp fall. So we should wait and see how the big guys are going to show their impact on the markets.

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