Pocket Bikes

Pocket bike racing is also known to be famous as the Minimoto or the Mini GP racing where the entire miniature racing motorcycles are raced on the tracks. Japan and Europe has this sport very popular. Slowly it is spreading across the world.

This typical pocket bike is almost 1/4th of the regular motor bikes and is powered by the 2-stroke engine with internal combustion which produces 40-50 cc, which generates 2.4 to 17 horse power. No suspension vehicle completely relies on the tires for the bump absorption with a very less weight of 50 lbs or 23 kilos. They are quite a bit expensive racing models with 11 17 horse power generations. Due to the tiny size, children also can use these up to the speeds of up to 78 mph.

Due to the easiness in transportation and the cost being very less of these bikes, they are very much affordable to the children even below the age of six. These are helpful to teach the children the racing strategies. Adults can also race on these bikes than on the expensive full sized bikes. License is not required for riding these pocket bikes. Usually they are not legal on the roads, but can be ridden in the private lands, car parks, racing tracks, gardens etc. Pocket bikes can be appropriately used for the domestic purpose. You can do racing on that and at the same time you can allow your kids to ride the motocross miniature bike for their fun activity. With in the town limits, the small shopping to the grocery stores, or to get the gardening products you can definitely use this. This will be a great fuel saver and helps you to maintain eco friendly environment.

We, at our stores Pocket Bikes we provide all sorts of environmental friendly vehicles like the electric scooters, electric bikes, gas scooters and many other varieties along with these pocket bikes. We provide many choices to the fun loving people. Children are given high priority who wants to drive bikes within their area. They can definitely purchase the miniature bikes in our stores where in we are providing wide varieties at reasonable prices, most advantageous in terms of saving gas and the purchase cost. So, visit our store for great brands and discount offers that can be availed for the beneficial purchases.




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