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ATV’s are abbreviated as All-terrain vehicle by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These vehicles are used for journeys in all types of terrains. With the deep treads on the tires these ATV’s provide the user to have adventurous ride in rocky, muddy and root covered terrains. The low pressure tire along with a seat that is spanned by the driver reduces the emission and controls the pollution rate. This helps in protecting the environment from hazardous smokes. Due to the increase in gas cost many customers are getting diverted to ATV’s. These vehicles are used for interactive driving in transportation, hunting, farming, riding and for other recreational purposes. ATV drivers can shift their body weight easily in various directions as the seat provided on them is enough spacious and the center of gravity is automatically balanced by the vehicle chassis.

ATV’s possess handlebars that help in steering the vehicle very easily depending on the design of the terrain. These vehicles are street legal in some countries. But in countries like Australia, Canada and United States they are non legal street vehicles and are meant for usage only outside the streets.

To reduce the pollution and to save the gas, many organizations have come forward in advertising ATV’s electric bikes and electric scooters. Electric bikes are battery operated and fit everyone for daily usage. Most of the people are using gas cars and gas bikes for even short distance journeys. But the usage of these gas operated vehicles leads to high environment pollution and thereby increasing green house effect. For people who do short distance journeys, electric bikes are preferred. The handling of electric bikes is very easy that a single kick on the pedal starts the engine. Nowadays the kick start mechanism is substituted by button start. These bikes allow the user to drive them to a speed up to 60kmph.
Electric bikes not only reduce the environmental pollution and reduce the gas usage. It also burns the calories of the user. Therefore people with more fat and older people are paying more attention for the purchase of these bikes. In the same manner electric scooters are available for customers who wish to reduce their expenses by not spending half amount of salary on gas purchase. For driving electric bikes and electric scoters the drivers need not possess a driving license. The rules like carrying a driver license and possessing an insurance policy are absent in these vehicles.

Purchasing a gas car is equal to purchasing multiple electric bikes and electric scooters. This is because these vehicles come to you for a very cheap cost. If you already possess a gas bike then no need to pour your money in water by purchasing a new electric bike. You can easily convert your gas bike into an electric bike by spending fewer amounts on the conversion. Electric bikes and electric scooters are recognized as environment associated vehicles.
ATV’s, electric bikes and electric scooters provide a base support to your budget. The danger of accidents is very less in case of electric bikes and electric scooters as they are of very less weight and easily handled. They can be used for driving in the center of the city and outside the city. But ATV’s are strictly restricted for usage outside the city.
Users of ATV’s are advised to wear helmets to reduce accidents. The ATV’s are available for customers in various models like 3 wheeled, 4 wheeled and six wheel versions. This vehicle can be used for crossing pounds, swamps and it’s very easy doing a journey on dry and rough surfaces. ATV’s are very user friendly. These vehicles are used for racingpurposes like ice racing, Touring Trophy, Drag Racing, Hill Climbing, Desert Racing, Wood Racing and lots more.

Every citizen should take protecting environment as their compulsory duty. This can be achieved by the usage of ATV’s, electric bikes and electric scooters instead of gas operated vehicles. By doing this they can reduce green house effect and save gas.

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