Mini Choopers

A mini chopper is a small sized motorcycle. Most of the models that are available now-a-days are the models of 4 stroke. Mini choppers are powered by the gas and are available in various ranges from 50cc to 250cc. Some people even call mini choppers as mini bikes. At our store you can find a collection of the latest electric and gas mini choppers at extremely cheaper prices. You can buy online with a good confidence as we have many years of experience in the sales of the fuel saving products.

Mini choppers are the scaled-down versions of customized motor cycles which are quite often called as choppers. They are generally constructed by using the 3/4" steel black pipe or the 1" steel tubing. The pipe or the tube will be welded together by bending for attaining the desired angles and shapes of the frame. Moped rims or the bicycle rims are used for the mini choppers and pneumatic tires are used at the rear and large tires in the front. The most common axle is a live axle setup that is used on mini choppers. Torque converter is the transmission or CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with automatic transmission for changing the gear ratios according to the engine’s speed.

Some of the mini chopper models are also available for kids. Some of them are very fast going, so depending on the age group you can select the suitable one. Some mini bikes at a speed of 90mph and those are not meant for kids. Mini choppers are available in 49 cc, 50 cc 4 strokes, 110 cc, 125 cc, 250 cc V-twin scorpion etc.

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